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With several years of activity, Ranked Gaming Client (RGC) has become one of the oldest still active DotA WC3 platforms. Developed and published independently by the RGC Team, the client offers several unique perks that give it an edge over other competitors.

Simple and straight-forward, the interface features a IRC-like chat (as stated on their own homepage) with personal profiles for each player, allowing private messages, teams or clans, player rankings and the possibility to punish toxic individuals based on their behavior. The intuitiveness of this interface, an interface that naturally blends the social part with the videogame itself, opens the client to pretty much any player with an internet connection and offers a gaming experience that is simultaneously user-friendly and sober.
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Ranked Gaming Client (or RGC, as it's known amongst DotA players) receives players from around the world and features host bots based on different locations, ensuring every point of the globe can access to low latency games. It also fixes some of the most infuriating problems in traditional Warcraft III DotA such as not being able to reconnect to ongoing games if you disconnected or being vulnerable to a myriad of map hacks. Both issues are solved by tools designed by the own RGC developers and included in the client.
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Despite Dota 2 taking with it a big part of the DotA community (in a natural process), a lot of die-hard fans of the original DotA map are still playing it and RGC is the preferred client for many of them. They play All Pick and Captain's Mode on the classic DotA map, but also have the chance to try two other custom Warcraft III maps, namely Legends of DotA (a modified version of DotA which allows players to create their own custom heroes combining existing skills) and Warlocks (a classic Warcraft III mod that features wizards in an arena trying to push each outside the field).

If you get a MSVCP120.dll error - run the vc_redist.exe inside your RGC folder or google for visual c++ 2013 redistributable (x86) 

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